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4 quick steps to getting started on Reportally.com

Step One: Create a free Entrepreneur account and your Company

Sign up using the form on the home page. On the next screen, please add your Company name and website, and you've started:

  • You'll be redirect to your Company Timeline page
  • Remember: No-one sees your Company information until you share it with them (see next step)

Step Two: Invite an Investor

Click on the Invite Investor button on the left hand menu of your Company Timeline. Your investor will be sent an email, inviting them to join Reportally, and they will be given access to your Company. Investors can be anyone you want to give access to your Company information: senior members of the team; mentors; investors, etc...

Step Three: Create an Update

From your Company Timeline page you can create a Quick Status Update or a Detailed Report. All of the investors you've invited in Step Two will be sent an email to notify them of your new update or report

Step Four: Create Your Cap Table; and model future funding rounds

Click on the Cap Table button the left hand side of your Company Timeline. You will be taken to your Cap Table page

We've got you started with a Founder Round and a Valuation. You can go ahead and edit these. Please add as many rounds to your Cap Table as you want:

  • Equity round - angel, VC or crowdfunding rounds are all catered for
  • Debt round - including convertible debt
  • Share options round - for tracking shares issued to employees
  • Cash out round - for share sales across existing investors of the company

You can also invite investors directly from your cap table input area

And you're done - Reportally is free for CEOs to use; and you can come and go as you please. CEOs use Reportally for reporting to their investors on a regular basis, and/or managing their fundraising rounds

Please ask if you have any questions; or suggestions for improvements: notifications@reportally.com

Free Investor Reporting Platform • Cap Table Management • Investor Dashboard
Reportally is a free-to-use platform with everything you need to manage your startup funding: Cap Table management, Investor Reporting and more...

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