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There are lots of great posts and articles of Pitch Deck's and how to interact with VCs to raise your Series A round. So we thought we'd compile some of the best resources here. We've split the list between Real life examples and general Articles and Templates.

Real life examples

  • LinkedIn: Reid Hoffman released his Series A pitchdeck for LinkedIn, as used in 2004. He's also set out his thoughts behind each slide, and main considerations.
  • Seo Moz: as usual, Rand Fishkin is very generous with sharing the inner workings of (SEO) Moz - and here is his Series A deck along with thoughts on the broader fundraising process
  • AirBnB: we like its brevity
  • Mint.com: very clear value proposition to customers
  • Square: demonstrates that the most successful companies don't need to have the prettiest slide decks
  • Foursquare: perhaps too much emphasis on product and not enough on traction. But should still be taken seriously
  • ZenPayroll: clean, concise structure

Articles and Templates

Final Thought

After flicking through some of these, you'll quickly get some inspiration, and hopefully the typical structure:

  • Length: aim for 10 pages or less
  • Be succinct: but well prepared: so you can talk through the detail, not write it on the slide
  • Be balanced: cover each aspect of your startup. The VC will notice if you omit an area - e.g. competition, and ask you for this anyway

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