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A collection of FAQs arising from user queries
Q:  Can I create more than one company
A: Yes, but you will need to contact us to upgrade your subscription first
Q:  Can more than 1 person edit a Company's content 
A: Yes. Go to your Company page. Click "Your followers" and then "Manage Followers".  From here, click "edit" next to the person's name you want to make an administrator.  (If they're not on the system already, you will need to invite them to view your company first).
They will now be able to edit the Company's content.  Although you won't be able to edit each other's content (this is to protect any accidental deleting etc).
Q:  Can investors comment on my updates
A: Yes.  Investors can comment. You will be notified by email that they've commented, and be able to reply.
Q:  Do I need to email investors once I've created a new report?
A: No. We will automatically email them, to let them know you've created a new report. And include a link in the email to bring them back to your company page.
Q: Can I attach documents to my company page
A: Yes. Documents can be uploaded in a number of locations:
Go to your company (use the drop down box in the top bar once you've logged in); then (either):
1. Attach a file to a Status Update; or
2. Click on the Detailed Report button - this will enable you to create a detailed report, with documents attached; or
3. Edit your Company information" - in the form, click on "Documents" on the left. You can attach documents here.
Q: How do I reset my password
A: Go to http://www.reportally.com/user/password and enter your email address
Q: How can I add 12 months of projections or a budget
A: The way the system works (in terms of creating charts etc), is to add a projection (budget figure) when you add your actual result each month. Often, projections will change during the course of the year, so we wanted to make it easy to do this as new reports are added.
There are still a couple of options though:
1. You can add a Budget / Projections to your company page: go to your Company. Click on the "info" tab. Click "Edit your company information". Then click "Documents" and add a file which contains your budget and/or projections
2. You can add a Budget / Projections file as a Flash Update: got to your Company. Click on the "Flash Updates" tab. Click "Add new flash update". Name the Update as you projections, and add the file.
Please email any other questions to notifications@reportally.com and we will aim to answer them straight away

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